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About our Ezines:

TV Favorites

Share your thoughts about Prime time Television.



Clean Cartoons

The members and the owner, Dyan, sends text jokes,

clean cartoons, Maxine, etc.  These cartoons are great to print out and hang on your wall, to share the funnies!


Erotic Art

This group is for sexy art.  The members and the owner send in the good stuff.  Not a lot of postings, which is a shame, but join and share your goodies too.


Hot Babes

Women and yes, more women.  Classy only!  This group is closely monitored, so that only the HOT is shared.


Real Men

I really enjoy this group.  The men are hot, sexy and a joy to look at.  I wish for more postings, but alas, we just don't share enough in this group.  Please, join and share your HOT pics.

Again, this group is closely monitored.


The Rest of the Crap

This is the funny!  Attention: This group is for adults and should be kept away from the children and fuddy-duddies.  Open minds welcome.  High volume of posts, 10-20 per day.  This group is not monitored, but there are restriction:  NO PORN, RACIST COMMENTS OR JOKES, BIBLE-THUMPING AND PERSONALLY ATTACKING OTHER MEMBERS.  I encourage the members to contact me, with any posts that offend.


Very high volume group, of different and beautiful kinds of art.  Some are so lovely to look at, you will want to save and use as your wallpaper on your computer.  Change everyday or program to a slideshow.  You will get to know our favorite posters and maybe learn something.




Can over 65,000 members be




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